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About Us

Infotrum is a web design and web development company. We specialize in the design and development of custom websites. Our websites are designed with the following primary objectives in mind.

  • Look Beautiful

    We take pride in the work we do. Our designs are sleek, modern and clean with an emphasis on easy to navigate user interfaces.

  • Client Generating

    It’s great to have a beautiful looking site. But frankly a beautiful looking site is worthless if it doesn’t result is generating new leads, getting those leads to contact you, and ultimately turning them into new customers.

    We work with clients not to just be another pretty face on the web, but to convert visitors into paying customers.

  • Easily Found

    Easily Found Having a beautiful website, that is designed to convert customers is still useless, if no one ever makes it to your site in the first place. We design all of our websites to be highly optimized so they are easily found by Google and the search engines.

  • Soul

    This may sound corny, but we really do care. About our work, our customers, our reputation and making a difference.

    If there’s an X factor to choosing us, it’s our desire to add humanity to static pages on the web.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Meet The Team

We have extensive knowledge in web design and development. We can ensure your look is cohesive on all media.


Arafat Hussain

Front-end Developer

Founder and CEO



Front-End Developer

Web Designer

Shi Bili

UI/UX Designer

Graphic Designer

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best web design and development services. We live and breathe design.

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